Star Tours for Cherry Springs State Park – Crystal Spheres

Cherry Springs State Park & Stash Nawrocki our local Astronomer, provides your ultimate stargazing experience here in Potter County just outside Coudersport Pa.
During your visit to nearby Cherry Springs State Park, he’ll give you a new understanding of the universe & heavens above when you spend an evening with him.
Your tour of The Dark Sky will include a 90-minute basic navigation of the stars, constellations, planetary viewing and more. Stash brings everything you need to have a great experience.
Spring is getting ready to blossom and the local temps are beginning to rise, which means travel is on everyone’s minds.
Before it’s too late give a call to Stash at 814-848-5037 to book your reservation as spots fill up quickly for prime time slots.
Crystal Spheres – 814-848-5037 or