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Bald Eagle Observation

Sinnemahoning State Park, located close to the center of the Pennsylvania Wilds’ scenic steep valleys region, encompasses 1,910 acres of gorgeous scenery and outstanding wildlife habitat. Tucked within Cameron and Potter Counties, the park is nestled between the green-shouldered ridges of Pennsylvania’s Elk and Susquehannock State Forests. The park is long and narrow and includes lands on each side} of First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek, {a major and important} tributary for the Sinnemahoning Creek. On the southern end of the park, a 145-acre reservoir developed by the George B. Stevenson dam provides excellent fishing and water recreation opportunities. The abundance of wildlife inside the park provides visitors with opportunities to view bald eagles, coyotes, elk and bobcats. Additionally, the park’s geographic location is excellent for visitors to explore all of the other treasures in the PA Wilds region.

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