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Eldred WW2 Museum

The Eldred WWII Museum intends to fulfill its mission pledge by giving people of all
ages the opportunity to learn about the history of WWII and by presenting unique exhibits about the WWII era.

Objective #1: Teach the lessons of the past

• Encourage students, adults, and war veterans of the United States to visit the museum

• Aid educational systems by teaching students about WWII (Capturing History Alive)

• Provide a library of reference materials to serious scholars

• Allowing visitors the opportunity to visit one of the most complete World War II Museums in existence

Objective #2: Preserve the history of WWII
• Collect, organize and preserve a collection of WWII artifacts and archival materials

• Develop a collection of personal stories of veterans of WWII

Objective #3: Benefit
• Attract visitors to the Eldred community

• Serve as a meeting place for community organizations

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