Stargazing at Cherry Springs State Park


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Stargazing at Cherry Springs State Park

Located a short drive from the Cabin is The Dark Skies Preserve at Cherry Springs State Park. Unquestionably a national treasure, it is only one of two gold level dark sky parks in the USA On clear nights you will see the sky as you never have before. The Milky Way, The Aurora Borealis, Meteor Showers, Planets, constellations and Astronomy

As a result of it’s exceptionally dark skies, Cherry Springs State Park is the foremost place on the eastern seaboard for stargazing and the science of astronomy, {that is the} study of observation of planets, nebulae, galaxies, stars {along with other} heavenly bodies. A dark night sky is a natural resource, the same as plants, waterways and wildlife. Recognizing that the unique resource had to e} managed and guarded, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources declared Cherry Springs State Park the first Dark Sky Park.

The dark sky experience-a blend of attributes making Cherry Springs State Park perfect for stargazing astronomy.

• The Astronomy Field is located at the top of a 2,300 foot high mountain. The encompassing state forest is actually comparatively undeveloped and nearby communities are typically in valleys, shielding any light that could impact the park.

• The positioning of the park at, 41.6501° north, 77.8164° West, provides a great view of the nucleus of the Milky Way galaxy. • The airspace above the park has little commercial air traffic, making the park perfect for astro-photography.

• The astronomy field offers excellent 360° view of the night sky.

• All lighting in the park is shielded and all of the white light is converted to red.

Come and visit a Star Party. A star party is actually a gathering of amateur astronomers and stargazers. You will find telescopes, guest lectures, camaraderie, astronomy equipment vendors plus an evening of public stargazing.

Cherry Springs Star Party, takes place each June and it’s sponsored by the Astronomical Society of Harrisburg. The Black Forest Star Party, is held during the fall and is sponsored by the Central Pennsylvania Observers of State College.
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Cherry Springs Buzz

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Observe Bald Eagles

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Bald Eagle Observation

Sinnemahoning State Park, located close to the center of the Pennsylvania Wilds’ scenic steep valleys region, encompasses 1,910 acres of gorgeous scenery and outstanding wildlife habitat. Tucked within Cameron and Potter Counties, the park is nestled between the green-shouldered ridges of Pennsylvania’s Elk and Susquehannock State Forests. The park is long and narrow and includes lands on each side} of First Fork Sinnemahoning Creek, {a major and important} tributary for the Sinnemahoning Creek. On the southern end of the park, a 145-acre reservoir developed by the George B. Stevenson dam provides excellent fishing and water recreation opportunities. The abundance of wildlife inside the park provides visitors with opportunities to view bald eagles, coyotes, elk and bobcats. Additionally, the park’s geographic location is excellent for visitors to explore all of the other treasures in the PA Wilds region.

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Olga’s Gallery & Bistro

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Olga’s Gallery & Bistro

Olga Gallery, Café, & Bistro is a colorful & creative art, music, food, & drink experience unlike any other – largely created & inspired by Olga. Yarn at Olga’s is one of Pennsylvania’s premier yarn shops offering an extensive selection of luxury yarns and natural fibers.

Seriously good art, food, drink, yarn & music all under one roof. Inspired & largely created by Olga…a Colorful Art & Food Experience unlike any other…

Art for Giving & Living. Seriously good art,yarn, food, drink, & music all under one roof. If you are in the Twin Tiers region of Pa. & NY Olga Gallery, Cafe, & Bistro is a place that you don’t want to miss. To better serve you we appreciate, but do not require reservations for parties of 5 or more people. Our full menu can be found in the photos section plus we have daily food & drink specials posted on our Facebook page. Live music on Saturday evenings.

Olga Gallery is open Monday through Saturday 11:30 AM to 6:00 PM or later. Olga’s artwork is available online at & you can learn more about Olga Gallery, Cafe, & Bistro & Yarn at Olga’s at
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Coudersport Ice Mine

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Coudersport Ice Mine

The Coudersport Ice Mine has been studied by scientists for years. It is known as a “Glaciere Naturelle”, an ice cave located just east of Coudersport Pa. Icicles & Ice form in the spring & summer in the shaft of the mine and continue through the hot weather, and disappear in winter. Truly one of the areas classic roadside America attractions, it closed many years ago. However, local entrepreneurs Scott & Diana Buchsen have recently purchased and are restoring one of Coudersport’s most unusual attractions. Keep an eye for it’s Grand Opening later this spring sometime around Memorial Day 2014. Great job Gary & Diana Buchsen.

176 Ice Mine Rd, Coudersport Pa 16915

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Eldred WWII Museum

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PA Museum
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Eldred WW2 Museum

The Eldred WWII Museum intends to fulfill its mission pledge by giving people of all
ages the opportunity to learn about the history of WWII and by presenting unique exhibits about the WWII era.

Objective #1: Teach the lessons of the past

• Encourage students, adults, and war veterans of the United States to visit the museum

• Aid educational systems by teaching students about WWII (Capturing History Alive)

• Provide a library of reference materials to serious scholars

• Allowing visitors the opportunity to visit one of the most complete World War II Museums in existence

Objective #2: Preserve the history of WWII
• Collect, organize and preserve a collection of WWII artifacts and archival materials

• Develop a collection of personal stories of veterans of WWII

Objective #3: Benefit
• Attract visitors to the Eldred community

• Serve as a meeting place for community organizations

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