Austin Dam Memorial

Nestled in a narrow valley and along the winding stream of Freeman Run is the ruins of the Austin Dam. In 1911 the dam broke and water engulfed much of the town of Austin and claimed over 78 lives.

In 1994 the Austin Dam Memorial Park Association was formed and they since have worked diligently to preserve the dam remains and to create a beautiful natural park.

The Dam Light Show at Austin is an annual music festival that brings live music and its fans to the area known as the PA Wilds. The show is held at the Austin Dam Park, where the remains of a giant concrete Dam that failed over a century ago still stand. The Dam remains and surrounding mountains create a natural amphitheater and a Dam cool experience. At dark, the Dam lights up with multimedia projection lighting by Groovin’ Lumens. It’s a sight you won’t see anywhere but the Dam Park at Austin.

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